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Alrighty everyone,

A month ago I posted up a flier at work stating that if we could raise $1000 in one month I would shave my head bald. The results came in at $1,042.87 and this week we are going to schedule the shaving. My hair will be donated to children with hair loss.

Some people have been asking why I would do this...

Well, the idea first started over the winter when one of my co-workers had to leave work due to her cancer coming back. At this point the cancer was in a non-operational area, and the doctor let her know that her only option was chemotherapy and it probably wouldn’t save/cure her, but it could extend her life. When she left work I let her know that the moment she lost hair, I would lose mine. Sadly, she passed away a couple months ago and she never lost her hair to the chemo.

My own grandmother died from cancer and many other people have friends and family that are dealing with cancer as well. So, when trying to come up with fundraiser ideas at work, I said I would shave my head. The money was supposed to be for cancer research, but the company decided it would rather have the money donated to Toys for Tots. That’s fine. It doesn’t make as much sense in the connection of needy children, Christmas presents, and hair loss, but gosh darn if those kids aren’t going to be getting some presents! Perhaps one of them will eventually grow up to be a cancer researcher and help out the world.

So, at any rate, we are getting a date set to have my head shaved (and the hair donated to children with hair loss - http://www.childrenwithhairloss.us/ ). This is going to take place at work, and I am going to try and get photos/video taken of the event. I want to also keep track of daily photos of what it looks like when your hair grows back.

The other end of the spectrum is to show people that hair does not make a person. Many don’t realize how deeply comments can cut when the whole story isn’t known. A comment about the ‘crazy bald lady’ or ‘she looks ugly’ can have severe consequences on women. It makes them feel like they aren’t a person unless they conform to outrageous standards of beauty. I plan on letting everyone know I hear that says things like that all about how hair doesn’t make the person.

If this goes over well, and my hair happens to grow fast enough, this many become a yearly thing.

On a side note, I bought two dew rags from the children with hair loss website (in case I start to get too cold) as well as a shirt I am going to wear the day my head gets shaved.



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Jun. 10th, 2013 12:59 am (UTC)
*posted* gah!
Jun. 10th, 2013 10:25 pm (UTC)
That's nice of you to do.
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