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Hey. I haven't updated in forever. Here are the bullet points of my life within the last year:

* I am still a supervisor at work, but I get interviews to move up
* I won an award at work for being awesome (seriously)
* my sister is hitting a rough patch with my parents
* I am hover at a 97 lb weight loss
* I still view my size as giant even though I objectively know what my size actually is
* I was walking in an airport and managed to tear and fray my right hip labrum
* I have surgery in a month to fix this
* I bought 1.5 acres in Ada, MI and am working on building a forever home there
* I am traveling to Lonon for a week this fall to watch the Rugby World Cup
* Next year the plan is to visit Meat Shop Tattoo in Copenhagen
* I am a Beachbody Coach now, so if you want to buy Shakeology or workout stuff, let me know
* I kept my hair short after getting it all cut off for charity
* My coworkers have told me I went from looking like a 40 year old lady to an 18 year old dude
* My tattoo isn't done yet, but there are only 5 more birds to go (plus background)
purer than dirt

Weight Loss

If you want to see my photos please check out my Tumblr: http://cambreesranch.tumblr.com/post/99296806975/i-swear-that-one-of-these-days-i-will-actually

I swear that one of these days I will actually post up a full body shot (my phone is crap and my roomies are asleep when I think to get one done). At any rate, these are my “before” and “after” photos so far since I started losing weight. I have lost close to 90 lbs since I started (285 lbs before and 296.4 lbs now).

I started out as many others did…an infomercial! It was late at night after working 2nd shift and I decided to call up and order Insanity after seeing the program on tv. Man, that was the first step towards where I am now. After Insanity I started drinking Shakeology and seeing a personal trainer to weight lift with my roommate. I also went to the doctor and had a full physical for the first time in my life. From that I discovered I had food allergies, was given help with my nutrition and diet, and now I am here and focused on losing the next 20 to 30 pounds before I start to become satisfied (I want to focus on my overall health and body fat percentage and not my BMI).

This week I am starting Piyo and have loaned out Insanity to a friend. I also have Rockin Body and Hip-Hop Abs (because they are fun and were cheap). I also have to get the garage cleared out so that I can use the punching bag/speed bag combo when I need to get rid of some stress.

If you for some reason would like to start with a Team Beachbody program or Shakeology, you can check out my websites:



purer than dirt


I am down a pant and a shirt size and have lost 25 lbs since June 24th! Keep it coming!

I want to lose another 5 lbs by the end of the month and another 10 in October and November.

In fact, my goal is to drop 10 lbs a month until I get to around 180-200 lbs (high school weight). I know I can do it, and it really has helped since I cut out allergens and bread/pasta (although I will eat breaded/fried items on occasion and have the occasional hamburger with bun).

Anyways, The best incentive is the trainer twice a week asking me about weight and having a scale to throw me on to see.

purer than dirt

Exercise and such

So, I just started watching Breaking Bad. It is okay. I guess it might be better if I could comment with someone on it, but I watch it after everyone else has gone to bed.

What else? The personal trainer is going well. I have dropped a whole pant size and I definitely have fat ab definition (I am fat, but you can see the ab outline underneath the fat). I have been doing really well and have lost 20 lbs since June 24. Most of it is from diet, but it is nice to go to the twice weekly exercise sessions and stumble out at the end.

In other news, I have been going to the doctor a lot since my physical back in May? June? I found out I am allergic to corn, sesame, and eggs. So, I have cut all three from my diet (even though the corn and sesame is not that bad and the doc said I didn't have to avoid them). I figured I might as well since the doc and trainer ordered me away from bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. because of my weight.

What else? The head shaving went fantastic and I wish I could pictures on here of my hair loss and regrowth...but you can always see them on tumblr, facebook, or google+.

Jasper is on Benadryl for allergies as well, and it has been working fantastically.

I am on Flonase and an asthma drug to try and clear up my incredibly closed nasal passages so that I can breathe. I am also now the owner of an inhaler due to the slight sport induced asthma I seem to have. I don't have sleep apnea, but I was told that I am right on the border of having it (oxygen drops from 99% to 84% at night and was one occurrence off from being diagnosed).

I also found out I have a wart (several actually stemming from that one occurrence) on my hand. It is the first one I have ever had and I am getting cryo done on it. It seems to be working really well so far. If it doesn't clear up after the next treatment I am going to get some duct tape to try and finish the job.

In house news I am getting the windows replaced this week. I will finally have windows that don't fall out when I open them, close all the way, and lock fully! I am so excited.

purer than dirt

Diet and Exercise

I don't remember if I posted up some new discoveries recently or not.

The first is that I am allergic to egg whites...allergic enough that I have to completely cut them out of my diet. I am also slightly allergic to corn and sesame seeds. So, being that I am trying to lose weight I cut all 3 completely out of my diet.

Speaking of diet, I am on one from both my doctor and the personal trainer I am working with. No bread (or very little), at least 20 grams protein each meal, at least 120 grams protein a day, and lots of vegetables that are low sugar. So far I have lost 15/16 pounds (one month)!

Buck took me to see the trainer for a trial session and I have been doing fantastic since. I can already tell a difference. I can actually do lunges and squats!

The premise is to do a 20-30 minute workout twice a week in which you push yourself As hard as possible. Trust me, you need those 2 days off in between to recover.

Today I showed buck and liz the abs I can see on my stomach (my little abbies/ downton abs) and I went to buy new pants and discovered I dropped a pant size! Woo!

purer than dirt


So, last year in September/October/November I did Insanity for a month and a half. During that time I followed the eating guide, did the exercises, and felt amazing! I lost 35 lbs in that month and a half. It was also terrible, though. My joints (especially my wrists) hurt from the push-ups and I had a hard time keeping to the 5 meals a day. Then, I got pretty sick and had to stop.

Today, Smocksinabox took me to a trainer she has been seeing and that was actually quite a bit of fun. It reminded me a little of physical therapy, but much more muscle stress on everything. I think I am going to do this. It is twice a week and I am the kind of person that will keep to a commitment once I start...especially when there is an actual other person and money involved.

Man, my legs are sore, and the last time my muscles felt this way was when I was playing rugby in Scotland. Wobbly legs and all.

So now I am going to take a nap before getting up around 10:30 to go shopping for some eggs and to the mall for work shirts.

On a completely different note, my hair gets shaved this Friday at 1:30 at work.

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Self Discovery

I remember in middle school and high school being confused. I wasn't looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend when everyone else was. I asked a guy or two out, was immediately rejected, but never felt bad about it (relief actually) because it meant I wouldn't have to do things that others were doing and/or talking about doing. In high school I distinctly remember wanting to ask a guy friend out because he was extremely catholic and it meant we could date, but there would be no sex, kissing, etc. Before I got the chance he started dating a girl in a club he went to.

In college everyone was having sex, talking about sex, talking about how they would "do" that person and I joked along, but I never have thought to myself that *this* person turned me on or made me desire to have an intimate relationship of any kind with them. If anything, I simply appreciated the beauty of the male body more than the female body and found it more appealing.

I never worried, though, since I had to study, and didn't have much free time. I was content spending time with my friends and family. It was only after college and getting a full time job (with free time) that I started to wonder about myself. I wanted to get a boyfriend and/or eventually a husband, and would never let sex come into the equation. If it were brought up I would inwardly cringe away from the thought of it and let out a...yeah...I guess I'll have to do that then.

Dating sites are horrible. I would almost instantly have to reject people because they would start with the topic of sex, didn't want to start out as friends, or list sex as one of their top priorities.

A month or so ago a friend of mine was explaining to another one of her friends that I wasn't a lesbian, and was attracted to men. That friend seemed slightly confused and stated that they thought I was probably just asexual. I stated that I was straight and so I couldn't be asexual.

Then, earlier this week I stumbled upon the Huffington Post series on Asexuals and Asexuality. After reading the first article and the third it hit home. This. This is what I am. I didn't feel relief so much as I felt like something clicked in my mind. I suddenly had that firm patch of ground to stand on instead of the muck and sludge I had been wading through.

And now, here I am: 27, feeling much more complete, and thinking that I may eventually be to connect with others that feel the same. Maybe...I will eventually be able to find a like minded person to eventually spend my life with. Now I know it is a possibility.

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Alrighty everyone,

A month ago I posted up a flier at work stating that if we could raise $1000 in one month I would shave my head bald. The results came in at $1,042.87 and this week we are going to schedule the shaving. My hair will be donated to children with hair loss.

Some people have been asking why I would do this...

Well, the idea first started over the winter when one of my co-workers had to leave work due to her cancer coming back. At this point the cancer was in a non-operational area, and the doctor let her know that her only option was chemotherapy and it probably wouldn’t save/cure her, but it could extend her life. When she left work I let her know that the moment she lost hair, I would lose mine. Sadly, she passed away a couple months ago and she never lost her hair to the chemo.

My own grandmother died from cancer and many other people have friends and family that are dealing with cancer as well. So, when trying to come up with fundraiser ideas at work, I said I would shave my head. The money was supposed to be for cancer research, but the company decided it would rather have the money donated to Toys for Tots. That’s fine. It doesn’t make as much sense in the connection of needy children, Christmas presents, and hair loss, but gosh darn if those kids aren’t going to be getting some presents! Perhaps one of them will eventually grow up to be a cancer researcher and help out the world.

So, at any rate, we are getting a date set to have my head shaved (and the hair donated to children with hair loss - http://www.childrenwithhairloss.us/ ). This is going to take place at work, and I am going to try and get photos/video taken of the event. I want to also keep track of daily photos of what it looks like when your hair grows back.

The other end of the spectrum is to show people that hair does not make a person. Many don’t realize how deeply comments can cut when the whole story isn’t known. A comment about the ‘crazy bald lady’ or ‘she looks ugly’ can have severe consequences on women. It makes them feel like they aren’t a person unless they conform to outrageous standards of beauty. I plan on letting everyone know I hear that says things like that all about how hair doesn’t make the person.

If this goes over well, and my hair happens to grow fast enough, this many become a yearly thing.

On a side note, I bought two dew rags from the children with hair loss website (in case I start to get too cold) as well as a shirt I am going to wear the day my head gets shaved.

purer than dirt



I don't remember if I posted here or not, but I finally got the tattoo I have been wanting since I was 13/14 years old. It is a Celtic cross done at Magnum Tattoo by S.K. Buck. It is fantastic and fills me with giddiness every time I look at it in the mirror.

Another thing that I recently fulfilled was my many year desire to own a kayak. The shop seller was awesome at helping me choose and didn't even blink when I stated that I needed a kayak for a fat person (it probably helps that we have shopped there every year since I can remember).

In other news I replaced the flooring upstairs with laminate and love it! It clean easily, looks fantastic, and will be easy to replace (if need be).

My mom recently came over an helped me hang the paintings I acquired so my walls are no longer "serial killer" bare.

The central air died and so I had to have that and the furnace replaced. Both work great and the venting repairs/updating has helped a lot as well.

Lastly, I bought a new water softener. The old one was going through 40+ pounds a week of salt (way too much). This new system will only have to be filled twice a year. I will make up the cost of purchasing it in around 2 years.

What else? Work has been going splendidly. Being in middle management I am flexible and on some days I am a team leader in direct charge of around 17 individuals and micro manage their work (what machines to run, scheduling, etc). Other days I am middle management and do more overseeing and help people solve problems while also overseeing the team leaders and around 26 people. Then there are the days when I step up and am the only supervisor to be found in the factory and am in charge of around 100 employees. It is at once routine and constantly engaging with new things that come up. The downside, though,

Oh my gosh! That was the word music I have ever heard for a Toyota commercial. It was for metro used cars and the music sounded like a terrible serial killer spree was about to start! It sounded like two terrible and minor chorded songs being mashed together with no resolution.

Anyway. The downside is that I walk on concrete for 9 hours a day. This has made my feet increasingly sore and I think I may have stress fractured my left foot. Going to see the doctor if work doesn't want me to see the company doctor first.

Anywho, later.

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Okay. Today (Monday) I started up Insanity again. This time I will go the entire 60 days without stopping.

The last time I did Insanity was back in September or October and stopped after a month and a half (and 35 lbs). I started out at 285 and dropped to 250. I stopped because I hurt (wrists, knees, feet), I was having trouble keeping to the diet (eating 5x a day...the food was great), got sick, was having trouble finding time to eat consistently at work, and really wanted to pig out for thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

No excuses anymore, though. I definitely gained back some weight (I hover between 260 and 265), and want to get down to 200lbs before I stop. I am going to calculate my caloric needs, but chances are I will probably just stick to 1800 calories a day (unless the calculated need is drastically different) because it is easier to make the recipes at 300 cal each (plus my after workout drink).

I did my first workout and am shopping tomorrow for my short list of groceries...I just hope I can get it all done before work. My workouts are going to be at midnight (so I don't have to worry about what time to workout at), and I want to start taking jasper for walks in the morning.

On a side note, I broke down and bought hip hop abs and rockin body. Both are workout videos by Shaun T, and look incredibly fun to do (plus they were cheap). I figure I will throw one of those in on Sundays, with friends, or whenever! They are more dance style workouts to terrible music.

Well, I'll keep you guys posted on my weight loss and such!